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💜 Supercharge Your Sales Career: 1,000 New Opportunities Await! 💜

Hey everyone! 👋

We’ve got some exciting news for all you sales pros out there. Our team at PredictLeads has put together a list of 1,000 sales job openings.

We’re sharing it with you in a Google Sheet right here:

This list isn’t just any list. It’s especially useful for people selling LushaSalesforceLinkedIn Sales NavigatorHubSpotSalesIntel.ioLeadGenius, and other sales tools.

Here’s why you might find it handy:

  • See which companies are hiring for sales roles and might be interested in what you’re selling.
  • Use the data to make your marketing efforts more specific and effective.
  • Spot hiring trends that could lead to new opportunities for your business.

What can you expect in the shared file:

  • Job openings Title
  • Website domain 
  • Company Ticker 
  • Companies Meta Description 
  • & Much more

And if you’re really into data, we’ve got something special for you. We have a massive database with over 157 million job listings.
You can dive into this data or use our API to get the insights you need directly.

We’re making a new list of job openings perfect for people at big companies like PwCEYKPMG, and Accenture. Want to find a great role? Let us know what you’re looking for.

Got questions or want more info? Email us at 

💜 Stay awesome!💜

💜The Untold Story of Data Analytics in Boosting B2B Marketing💜

The digital marketing world is getting a major makeover thanks to AI and big data. It’s like having a super-smart assistant who knows exactly what your customers want, sometimes even before they do.

AI’s not just about making tasks easier – it’s about making marketing smarter!
Picture this: AI dives into job opening data and picks up on which industries are booming and what skills are in demand. This goldmine of info helps marketers craft campaigns that hit RIGHT WHERE THEY NEED TO.

The real magic of AI in marketing? Personalization. AI spots patterns in how users behave and what they like, so messages can be tailored just for them. No more spammy, one-size-fits-all ads. It’s all about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Predictive analytics is another ace up AI’s sleeve. By looking at trends, like which job sectors are heating up, AI can predict where the market’s headed. This means businesses can adjust their strategies on the fly, staying ahead of the curve instead of playing catch-up.

But, it’s not all smooth sailing. With great data comes great responsibility. Issues like data privacy and ethical AI use are “kinda” big. Plus, the success of AI-driven marketing hinges on the data’s quality.

In a nutshell, as AI tech evolves, its role in marketing only gets juicier. It’s all about digging into data-driven insights and riding the wave of personalized marketing. But, it’s crucial to play it smart and ethical. Get it right, and AI won’t just be a tool
>> it’ll be your competitive edge in nailing customer engagement.<<

At the World Economic Forum’s Growth Summit, economist Richard Baldwin made a great point: “AI won’t take your job IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT.” Add some Good Data into the equation, and you’re golden. 🥇

Interested in seeing how PredictLeads’ Job Openings datasets can revolutionize your marketing and sales? We’d love to chat!

Reach out at for more info. 💜

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