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Case Study: InReach Ventures & PredictLeads

InReach Ventures uses technology to help scale venture capital and makeinvestments in early stage startups throughout Europe. They built their ownproprietary software and developed a new model of investing to discover and invest in the most promising startups. There’s a few major data challenges VC’s often face including data quality and thetime, effort and cost […]

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Hiring intent data during pandemic

PredictLeads took the data for 5000 US based companies from different sectors and aggregated hiring intent data for each of the sectors. Our goal was to review how hiring intent correlates with pandemic consequences. US states started pandemic lockdowns on March 19th and by mid April 90% of US population were under some form of […]

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Introducing Key Customer Data

PredictLeads now provides four main datasets. News Events, Hiring Intent, Technologies and Key Customer data. Key Customer data is our newest addition. As the name implies it provides key customer data for a given company. Eg. who are their customers, partners, sponsors, vendors, investors etc. We’re able to get this data by searching through news […]

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Finding Top performing Companies

We’re working with many data driven teams – VCs, Corporate VCs, sales professionals and innovation departments. Our aim is to provide data that helps them: enrich known companies -> to enable scoring and prioritization. discover up and coming challengers -> to not miss out on new market trends. For the #1: goal is to find […]

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