There’s so many startups coming out each and every day. More and more people harnessing the power of web. With time the trend will just accelerate.

When products find their product-market fit and show their value to the world our goal is to help them find the audience they deserve.

Our aim is to connect the top-notch tools with companies that will greatly benefit from using them.

To find the right companies for your products on which you work so hard we use machine learning algorithms on big publicly available data.

Since being best in one thing is the way to go when faced with multitudes of competition we’re now solving just one part of connecting you with companies.

It’s following up. It’s making that awkward contact a bit less awkward. We find you reasons why now is the time to reach out to your prospect. We find you things to say when you make a call to your long lost touch with a prospect. We first need to ignite the conversation. So we bring you the icebreaker.

More on how we do that in the following post …