Craig Elias divided the sales cycle in his book Shift! the following way:

1. Status Quo

Prospect is happy with their current process you are trying to optimize.

2. Window of Dissatisfaction

Prospect is unhappy with their current solution but is not yet searching for alternatives.

3. Searching Alternatives

Prospect is currently searching for alternatives.

When trying to sell to a prospect when they are in their Status Quo phase is the hardest. Only around 1% of them will convert. Prospect searching for alternatives is a better option and an easier sell. Though again not perfect since you’re already competing against other alternatives prospect is exploring.

The best time to reach a customer is obviously when a prospect is not satisfied with their current state and just before they start searching for alternatives. Our goal is enabling you to detect when a prospect enters this phase. Getting the first mover advantage and always staying on top of what’s happening with your prospects is what we bring to your selling process. If you’d like a demo of our beta product shoot us an email at

Until next time!