As Steli Efti would say, hello sales nation! 🙂

We’re proudly announcing that our API for receiving fresh categorised company events is now available!

To dig right in …  a company called Logicworks launched a new product. In this case our API would return you the following:

“labels”:”new-offering”, “organisation”:”Logicworks”, “subject”:”Cloud Security Automation Framework ”, “published_at”:”June 8, 2016”, “date”:”June 8, 2016”,  “url”:””.

Another example … at Digital Ocean a leadership change has happened. Our API would return the name and position to which this person was appointed to.

“labels”:”leadership-change”, “organisation”:”Digital Ocean”, “person”:”Julia Austin”, “job-title”:”CTO”, “published_at”: “June 7, 2016”; “date”: “June 7, 2016”, “url”:””

iProspect received an award, our API system would give you information on the name of the received award:

“labels”:”award”, “organisation”:”iProspect”, “subject”:”Best use of data and analytics in real-time for a search campaign”, “published_at”: “June 2, 2016”; “date”: “June 2, 2016”, “url”:”″

Qadium just received funding, our API would also let you know which round they’re at and how much they have raised:

“labels”:”funding”, “organisation”:”Qadium”, “subject”:”Series A”, “amount”:”20,000,000″, “published_at”: “June 6, 2016”; “date”: “June 6, 2016”, “url”:””

There are a few more events like the ones above that we can bubble up for you such as: “expansion” and “partnership”.

We hope that with this kind of information you’ll be able to generate even more personalised products. If you’re interested in trying out our beta version, send us an email at

Happy selling! Roq