We’re working with many data driven teams – VCs, Corporate VCs, sales professionals and innovation departments.

Our aim is to provide data that helps them:

  1. enrich known companies -> to enable scoring and prioritization.
  2. discover up and coming challengers -> to not miss out on new market trends.

For the #1: goal is to find data that is indicative of a company performance. Currently we track and provide data on Hiring Intent, Events from news, Business Connections and Technographics. Each dataset covers a wide variety of data points and is available via clean APIs – https://predictleads.com/docs/enrich.

For the #2: goal is to find new up and coming challengers. These are companies that we’re seeing for the first time having expansion signals. For example hiring via Hacker News, expanding Offices, receiving Awards, signing new high value clients … and many more. You can find them under Discover endpoints: https://predictleads.com/docs/#discover.

We’re working extensively on increasing our match rates and having historic capabilities. Currently we track over 17 million companies and have performance data from 2015 onwards.

Often our clients try to find indicators of how well a company will be doing in the future. This is no easy task. One needs to first have accurate and complete data and secondly enough historic data points to make any kind of projections. The game is especially patience ridden for data driven VCs and CVCs. Startups easily need 5+ years to become successful and/or make an exit. So this is the timeframe data driven companies are bound to – to validate their prediction models. Which is quite a long wait time to train the models and iterate. Now one could train the models on past company trajectories and past exists. But often not all data points are available to do that.

So it is a long haul game we’re playing here. And the name of the game is patience. But since history has proved time and again that subjects with more knowledge, data and insight perform better than those with less we’re confident the results will be worth the efforts we’re putting in now.

If you’re interested into how we could provide value to your organization please contact us via one of the contact forms here https://predictleads.com.

Looking forward! Roq